Amateur Radio Club of Augusta – Meetings

The Amateur Radio Club of Augusta holds two types of regularly scheduled, official meetings:  Board Meetings and General Meetings.


Board Meeting:
Board meetings are now held on the fourth Tuesday of each month 6:30PM, unless rescheduled or canceled.  ***Until further notice ALL BOD meetings will be via SKYPE and the ARCA Facebook Page.*******

General Meeting: 
General meetings are now held on the third Tuesday of each month.  These meetings are held at the Public Office Building #1 (POB1) of Doctor’s Hospital in Augusta starting at 7:30PM.They are open to the public.  During each General Meeting, the current business of the club is conducted and at least one presentation is given.  To view a list of upcoming General Meetings, please click this link:  General Meetings.  Each event lists the location address and a Google Map, which includes directions.