Meeting Update: May 2020

I sincerely apologize for not hosting the Meeting on the Air as expected this past Thursday.  It seems that I’m more occupied than I expected on Thursday evenings.  I will do another catch-up Meeting on the Air after the June Board Meeting.  I’ll send another message with the intended date.

Additionally, we need a presentation for the June General Meeting.  We’ve had a couple of suggestions, but we could always use more!  If you’d like to present virtually during the June General Meeting, please contact our Vice President:  Carl Bosard – AJ4AU ().

Equipment Donation: Yaesu FT-100

David Vine – WA1EAW, Defacto Director and Public Information Officer, has donated a Yaesu FT-100 This is great addition to our club assets and will be used during club operating events.  Please thank David for his generous donation.