Repeater Rules

ARCA Club Repeater User Guidelines

Rev: 1
Date: January, 2008
Amateur radio operators, when using any of the Amateur Radio Club of Augusta repeaters, will observe the following rules which are based on ARRL operating procedures and FCC part 97 rules.
I. Conversational topics are not to include the following:
  1. Racial or ethnic remarks.
  2. Religious discussions, testimonies or devotional material and topics
  3. Unidentified transmissions.
  4. Profanity, vulgar or obscene language.
  5. Political topics.
  6. Conducting compensated business on the repeater frequency (97.113a3)
  7. Sexual topics or innuendo.
  8. Rebroadcast of any signal is not allowed. This includes rebroadcast of musical material, rebroadcast of any amateur radio transmissions from any band or rebroadcast of any materials form electronic or mechanical sources, (i.e. Internet web pages content, newspaper media and equipment sales advertisements)
II. ARCA operating rules are based on ARRL rules and recommended procedures.
III. ARCA operating rules are based on FCC part 97.
Special attention should be given to the following:
  1. 97.113 a-f Prohibited transmissions.
  2. 97.205 a-h Repeater Stations.
  3. 97.307 a-f Emission standards. Bandwidth and use of external RF amplifiers in accordance with good amateur practice.
  4. 97.111 Authorized Transmissions