******* Quarterly Net Controller Signup*******

The sign-up for  Net Controller spots is now open for next quarter (Jan- Mar). This is an opportunity to hone your skills to conduct a Net in emergency situations.  Go to the Net Controllers page under Repeaters and Nets on the web site, pick your day, and sign up. This opportunity is open to all license classes and you need not be an ARCA club member to participate. This Nightly Net has been a mainstay in the CSRA for decades. Let’s keep it going!

*****ARCA Christmas Party*****

The flyer for the ARCA Christmas Party to be held Tuesday December 12th 6- 8:30PM at POB1 Bldg of Doctors Hospital has gone out. It went to all members and those on our Email Distribution list. Check your Email for your invitation. 

If you misplaced it or you are not on our list; but would like to attend, no problem. Go to our club home page The info flyer and sign up can be found there. Signup and join your fellow Ham Friends!!


*******ITEMS TO Buy or SELL******* 

If you have item to buy or sell, go our “List Items to buy or sell” under the info tab of our web site, fill out the form and submit. We will list it here for two weeks.

If you sell your item(s), go to the “Contact Us” under “About” tab on the web site and send us an Email and we will remove from list.