****Proposed ARCA 80m SSB Net****

The Board of Directors of the ARCA are investigating the possibility of starting a weekly 80m net in the General potion of the band. If you are on the ARCA Mailing list you will receive a survey to fill out and submit. The results of the survey will be reviewed at the February 2nd BOD meeting. Please help us out by filling out the survey and submitting 

*******ITEMS TO Buy or SELL*******

DateCallsignFirstLastEmailPhone#Buy/SellEquipment TypeModelDescAsking Price
2021-01-22 19:47:21kj4cnRonHall(803) 397-6070SELLHustler5BTVHustler 5BTV vertical HF antenna 80-10 meters100
2021-01-17 23:32:04K4HDYRobertFagan(706) 2804330SELL4100IcomIcom ID-4100A VHF/UHF Dual Band D-Star Mobile Transceiver.
Output power 50W, 15W, 5W (Hi, Mid, Low)
RX frequencies: 118-174, 230-550MHz
Receiver type: Dual conversion superhetrodyne
Built-in GPS

If you have item to buy or sell, go our “List Items to buy or sell” under the info tab of our web site, fill out the form and submit. We will list it here for two weeks.

If you sell your item(s), go to the “Contact Us” under “About” tab on the web site and send us an Email and we will remove from list.