******* HAVE YOUR OWN NET!!*******

Have you ever thought about starting your own 2m or 70cm Net with a topic of your choice? Well now is your chance. The ARCA just initiated a new program which entitles any current club member to start a net using our club repeater system! We are also seeking managers for existing nets. Lets keep these nets going! Apply to be a manager for an existing net.

All club members should have received an Email explaining the new program and how to process your request. Check it out.


******* DMR Survey*******

Recently the club voted to standup a DMR Repeater on the Trenton tower. That has been accomplished. It is now time to select the Network Service the club prefers. Either Brandmeister or TGIF. If you are a current club member, you received a Survey in your EMAIL. Please take the time to fill it out and let us know which you prefer. The Board of Directors want to know your preference.

*****Items to Buy, Sell, or Trade*****

If you have item to buy or sell, go our “List Items to buy or sell” under the info tab of our web site, fill out the form and submit. We will list it here for two weeks.

If you sell your item(s), go to the “Contact Us” under “About” tab on the web site and send us an Email and we will remove from list.