Net Control Operators

Want to be a net control operator?

Being a net control operator is a rewarding experience that we want everyone to enjoy! We are currently looking for volunteers & backups. If you want to volunteer or get more information about being a Net Controller, please send an email to:

Carl Bosard –

ARCA Nets & Controllers

MONDAYVHF Nightly NetDavid Vine - WA1EAW
TUESDAYVHF Nightly NetMatthew Bannister - KO4QLB
ALT- Marion Butler - KO4NSY
WEDNESDAYVHF Nightly NetRon Hall - KJ4CN
THURSDAYVHF Nightly NetBill Kimbell - K9PAL
FRIDAYVHF Nightly NetVernon Carver - K9RVT
SATURDAYVHF Nightly NetRon Karchaske - KM4RFV
SUNDAYVHF Nightly NetDerek Van Soest - KJ4DVS