Net Control Operators

Want to be a guest net control operator?

Being a net control operator is a rewarding experience that we want everyone to enjoy! In order to do this, we encourage individuals to volunteer for a night to be a net control operator. We are currently looking for volunteers for the month of March and the deadline to sign up will be at the end of the club meeting on February 20th. If you want to volunteer, please send an email with the date you want to Ryan, NE1AM at his email address,

ARCA Primary Net Control Operators


Day Net Primary Controller Backup Controller
Sunday Nightly VHF Net KJ4CN – Ron Hall  OPEN
Monday Nightly VHF Net KC4KPN – Bob Hunter  OPEN
Tuesday Nightly VHF Net NS7L – Lawrence Vines  KM4RFV – Ron Karchaske
Wednesday Nightly VHF Net K9RVT – Vernon Carver  OPEN
Thursday Nightly VHF Net  AJ4AU – Carl Bosard  OPEN
Friday Nightly VHF Net K4NXA – Chris Clark  OPEN
Friday Newcomers’ Net AB4BF – Barry Fraley OPEN
Saturday Nightly VHF Net KK4JAG – Jerry George  OPEN
Saturday UHF Net KJ5J – James Jackson  OPEN